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I often write about wildlife to raise awareness and share special experiences. Often people are moved to offer financial assistance to volunteers like myself so here is a list of my favorite wildlife charities. Great websites so visit and helping out.

1. – The Australian wildlife shelters and foster-carers network. A vital link enabling a wide range of people to share and support each other for the benefit of injured and orphaned wildlife they volunteer to care for.

2.   Save the tasmanian devil appeal.  Run by University of Tasmania and desperately seeking a cure to the facial tumors which have wiped out 90% of wild populations in some places.

3.  The turtle foundation turned ten in 2010 and is trying to prevent the extinction of sea turtles.

4. Birds Australia is a national organisation working to protect our beautiful birds and disappearing habitat.

Thank you on behalf of the wildlife who cannot speak for themselves but appreciate your concern for their survival.