I read and write different genres but have settled on Suspense as my favorite.  I’m an intuitive writer who goes off on tangents so its not difficult to imagine I found myself writing three books into one. By page 600, I stopped and decided to split this story into three books which stand alone, while being loosely linked by characters appearing in all three.

The basic story begins after the brutal murder of an American girl on vacation in Australia. Lack of evidence means her killer is out there. This is unacceptable to the older step-siblings of the dead girl. Brandon Blake is a US Special Op’s agent who plans to go undercover and find out who he should kill. His sister Jodie, is  an Army Intel Techie who feels electronic surveillance is a safer and faster option. There is a secret bunker located in the general area of the small town where their kid sister was killed, but permission for her to visit is denied.  In a bid to gain some bargaining power, she hacks into the bunkers operational database. Instead, a small Aussie SAS team abduct them and smuggle them out of the US.

“Top Priority” follows Brandon Blake’s journey to bring the murderer to justice.  Raging wildfires and local evacuations stall his plans until he connects with Nola Clarke, a local vet fleeing the fire and discovers she is harboring their prime suspect at her remote country home.  Brandon pretends to be helping Nola out in order to get closer to his suspect. They get shot at, face danger and navigate an unpredictable firestorm. Mutual respect builds until attraction flares. Brandon cannot allow himself to fall for a woman who may be involved in the murder or the coverup. When someone recognises Brandon from a photo in the dead girls wallet Nola she realises he’s been playing her all along. Then she works out what really happened to his sister… 

This story is complete and I am in the process of finding an agent. 

“Security Breach” details Jodie’s journey to avenge her sister.  When her brother leaves – thinking he has accomplished his mission, Jodie doesn’t share what she has discovered about the accomplice.  The MI5 agent running the bunker is very attractive, but for some reason, Jodie is drawn to the Aussie team leader who first abducted her. The only problem is, she has seen him interogate another woman and is terrified of his dark side.  Yet, when she’s ready to go after the accomplice, she trusts nobody else to do what needs to be done.  He’s not happy to discover her Special Ops brother was too important to risk on the dangerous mission… 

I’ll update this page as needed from time to time so check back.